Laboratory Chemicals

Laboratory Chemicals-

ChemTech Trading WLL is one of the leading supplies of laboratory chemicals in Qatar and its surrounding areas. We have ongoing partnerships with various schools, universities and other laboratories to continuously supply high-quality lab chemicals that are crucial for research and to train the future generation. At ChemTech, we procure laboratory chemicals from only the top manufacturers. And we ensure secure handling and transportation with zero risk of spillage or contamination.

Our Lab Chemical Suppliers

For nearly one and half decade, we have grown our chemical manufacturers’ network to over 60,000. We have the infrastructure to seamlessly import laboratory chemicals and bring only the best products to you. ChemTech Trading WLL supplies lab chemicals of top brands like:

  • Oxford
  • Alpha Chemika
  • Rankem
  • VWR Chemicals
  • Honeywell Fluka
  • and Fischer Chemical

We supply almost all types of laboratory chemicals. We can cater to the needs of labs of all sizes. At no point in our logistics do we allow quality deterioration by exposure or contamination as providing top-notch services is our business goal.

Contact ChemTech for Lab Chemicals

From acids to alcohols, from hydrocarbons to alkalis, ChemTech is your single point of contact to obtain every kind and segment of laboratory chemicals. Delegate supply to us and focus on your objective. We will meet your lab chemical demand promptly.