Fogging Services

ChemTech Trading WLL offers professional fogging and disinfecting services to both residential and commercial complexes in Qatar. We are operating in the chemical industry for 15 years now and we infuse that expertise into our fogging service as well. ChemTech sources its disinfectants from trusted chemical manufacturers and only uses MoE approved disinfectants to fog your property. Our service is comprehensive. We promise a prompt response. And we are sure to leave a disinfected place with maximum efficacy.

Who can contact us?

ChemTech has the infrastructure and a skilled team who can fog and disinfect schools, offices, homes, gyms, community halls, retail stores, storage spaces, corporate buildings and more. You can also contact us for periodic disinfection of your complex, fogging after an infection has been detected, meeting regulatory guidelines on cleaning and other such requirements. Our fogging services are comprehensive as we are proficient in meeting all your disinfection-related demands. Hire the best fogging professionals in Qatar to elevate your property’s health standards.

Why Choose ChemTech Fogging Services?

  • Use of non-corrosive and non-carcinogenic disinfectants to fog your office/home
  • Fogging of spaces of all sizes, large or small
  • 100% professional work – assured disinfection of every corner of your property
  • Use of disinfectants that do not react with furniture, electronics, paint and others
  • No staining on any surface
  • Assured effectiveness in eliminating a host of bacteria, viruses and other disease-causing pathogens

ChemTech Trading uses Thermal Fogging and Electrostatic Sprayer Devices. We only employ the latest tools with the best disinfectants available in Qatar. Our team makes sure that we do leave any space untouched so that you can live/work in a safe environment. Expect a prompt response as soon as you contact us. We will reach your place within days and disinfect the space inside out.

Book an appointment

And let ChemTech professionals do their magic. Our fogging services in Qatar already hold an unmatched reputation in the market. Our pricing is cost-effective and you get an impressive ROI with improved overall health. No need to vacate your place. No need to take extra measures. Our fogging service is absolutely safe and we will get the job done without disrupting your business/life.