Chemical Warehouse

ChemTech Trading WLL is a trusted brand in Qatar for handling all volumes of chemical warehousing and logistics requirements. We have a tie-up with a top chemical warehouse service provider with over 5,000 square feet of storage space. And we have a top-notch transportation infrastructure to expertly move around chemicals all across Qatar and its neighbouring areas. ChemTech chemical warehousing and logistics services are your answer if you are looking to scale your business and serve your clients better. With our professionalism, you can exponentially improve your storage and transportation wings.

The Best Chemical Warehousing in Qatar

  • A massive facility that meets storage demands of all scales
  • Temperature controlled space as per industry specifications
  • Zero chance of intermixing or contamination
  • Trained personnel with all the required experience
  • Strategic location to reduce time lost in transit
  • Storage and handling as per MoE guidelines

ChemTech warehousing service is perfect for storing all types of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals. We also employ modern warehousing software to maintain a high efficiency benchmark within the storage facility. Store any chemical in any amount and do not worry about loss due to spillage or unprofessional management.

Expert Chemical Logistics with Nation-Wide Coverage

  • An impeccable fleet of trucks with qualified drivers
  • Chemical transit following Qatar’s MoE regulations
  • Prompt end-to-end delivery with minimal downtime
  • Chemical transportation services available to all corners of Qatar
  • Professional handling at every step of shipment and delivery
  • Latest logistics tools that increase both efficiency and effectivity

We offer packing, documentation processing and compliance evaluation as part of our chemical logistics services. We have the infrastructure to meet all your logistics demands. Our transportation setup is equipped to transport all types of chemicals and we ensure on-time delivery to help maintain your business flow.

Choose expertise and professionalism

Choose ChemTech Trading WLL for your chemical warehousing and logistics needs. We have developed a deep understanding of customer needs through our unmatched 15 years of industry experience. We already extend our offerings to top companies in the Middle East. Expect competitive pricing at ChemTech with a skilled team working for your cause and a quality benchmark in line with international standards. Contact us today and benefit from our expertise.