Chemical Disposal

Chemical Disposal-

ChemTech Trading WLL is equipped with the needed infrastructure and a skilled workforce to take care of all your chemical disposal requirements. From hazardous and non-hazardous chemical disposal to wastewater services and environmental remediation, ChemTech is your single point of contact in Qatar for chemical waste removal, transportation, segregation and disposal. We bring 15 years of unmatched industry experience to the table and carry out the job with utmost professionalism. At every step, we follow the MoE guidelines and keep you on the good books of the regulatory body.

How ChemTech stands out in Qatar?

We provide a comprehensive end-to-end chemical disposal package in Qatar. Unlike others, we help you to segregate and pack your enterprise’s chemical waste and expertly remove it from your site. Our logistics and transportation services come in next to ensure shift removal and we dispose of the chemical waste meeting all the regulations set forth by Qatar’s Ministry of Environment. When you partner with ChemTech, you do not have to take part in any step of the chemical disposal process. We ensure professional end-to-end action while you can focus on your business.

Chemical Disposal Services We Provide

You can contact ChemTech Trading for:

  • Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Chemical Disposal
  • Expired Waste Chemical Disposal
  • Asbestos and Expired Paint Removal
  • Contaminated Soil and Water Management
  • Used Oil and Grease Disposal
  • Used Filter Disposal
  • Used Battery Disposal
  • Expired Cement and Bitumen Disposal
  • General Waste Removal

and more. Our team consists of skilled professionals who know the nuances of handling and disposing of all types of chemicals. We also keep ourselves updated on the latest compliances and regulations sent out by the MoE so that you do not get into legal trouble. For efficient chemical waste disposal, partner with ChemTech Trading WLL. We already hold an unmatched reputation in the industry and have earned the trust of multiple companies around the world.

The best chemical disposal services in Qatar

ChemTech’s services are available all across the country. We are a top choice for all types of private and government-owned organisations. Consult with us to understand the complexity of chemical waste disposal and trust us to expertly handle the job.